DSA Camp 2011 (23/7)

It’s one of those times that I suddenly find myself coming to WordPress, and I don’t even know why (escape homework maybe?). Most times I just check out the new themes they have, then realise I’ve got 2 half-completed and very much overdue posts. I get bored and leave. Today I ended up stalking myself (I think I read like close to 50 posts) and maybe, just maybe, I think I do like writing (a tiny bit) after all. Before that feeling fades away I shall finish this post.

Uh, right. DSA Camp. So one fine day Mr Lee was asking who wanted to help out for the Chemistry stations. 6 CIP hours, why not? It was a good thing Dr Hang declared today holiday, because I was really tired after it ended on Saturday to do any work. (Not like I made good use of the extra holiday anyway.) DSA Camp wasn’t even close to fun. Maybe it was just the Chemistry station, but I wouldn’t know. My favourite part about it was …the shirt. It’s purple! Okay although I’d have liked it a whole lot more if it was a darker purple, like my jacket, or of a better quality. But either way it’s still purple, and definitely much nicer than blue, red, or green that the P6 kids had. The green was slightly more interesting, considering it was the bright kind of green. Blue and red were just boring. Oh well maybe I should quit complaining because the teachers didn’t get the shirts. (Did I mention that I like the teachers’ school shirt? The black with a bit of green at the collar (and sleeves, yes?) one?)

Back to the very boring Chemistry station. It’s more like a practical test than what you’d expect at a “camp”. I felt so lucky I didn’t have to do that 4 years ago, though I can’t remember what we did then. But I’m sure it was much more fun. The kids were supposed to complete 4 tasks (or rather, experiments + questions), the last one being a group one. It was quite simple actually, fine may not be for them (or was it?). The last task was the most interesting one, I guess. At least it got the kids interacting. They were supposed to design an experiment to test a hypothesis they came up with after conducting a simple experiment, then present what they have to the teachers.

Jun Wei, Yang Zi, Yuxuan, and I were stationed at the Synthetic Chemistry Lab. Air-con! I bet that’s what you’re thinking right now. Lucky you weren’t there, we were practically freezing (even with jackets). Then one teacher and student gets assigned to one group of 6-7 kids. (Jun Wei + Mr Tan, Yang Zi + Ms Wong, Yuxuan + Ms Kong, Me + Mr Lin. Yes you saw that right. Mr Hansel Lin. Math teacher. Chemistry station. How does that make sense.) Basically what we station helpers have to do is to help collect and give out the task worksheets, help check if the kids are doing anything funny (which makes it seem a lot more like a test), and wash and replace the test tubes after every group left. See how boring it is? The fact that we only had less than 10 minutes to gobble down our lunch made it worse.

By the time the last group came I was feeling tired already. The coldness and boredom must have got to me. From the looks of it, I guess everyone else was tired too.

I just got reminded of a lame joke. :D
A man who walks in front of a car is tired.
A man who walks behind a car is exhausted.

That lame joke made me forget what I was going to type. Hmm. There were some interesting/different kids, like the guy who asked whether they had to write in pen/pencil, whether the table should be drawn in pencil. And this poor guy who keeps jerking his head and making weird sounds uncontrollably and he keeps hitting it with his fist. Also I realised only one quarter of the kids were girls, sadly, and they mostly looked like P3 kids (maybe I should get used to it already).

Random stuff. I was so bored I was looking at their socks and shorts/skirts to find out which schools the kids came from. There were a few from Nan Hua. (: And Raffles Girls Primary and Henry Park Primary and some others I couldn’t recognise from the initials. Oh and before the first group of kids came (we had like 1 hour of slacking), Mr Tan was playing random videos and then he was like I think I showed you all this video last year. He was referring to some gummy bear exploding video, which I vaguely remember. All I was thinking was what a waste, poor gummy bear. It’d have been better off if someone ate it instead. I spent most of the free time we had before the first group of kids came sleeping. Bad idea to sleep at 1am the previous day.

Okay I didn’t expect myself to write 800+ words. Much much longer than expected. Now the paragraphs just looks like blocks of words to me. :O Have fun reading, because I may not be posting in a long while.

PS: I really pity those kids. Our DSA camp was most probably more fun.


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