I don’t know.

After 4.5 months of inactivity..
I still get visits. 21 today.

I’m tired. Of work, of stuff, of everything. Sometimes I wish I can go find some nice place to hide, someplace no one will find me, where I’m free. Other times I hope I can fall asleep — into a deep, deep sleep, and when I wake up everything will be over and nice.

Been sleeping less than 5 hours for the past week. Productivity at a new low. Can’t seem to think or concentrate on anything. I don’t even look forward to Math anymore.

I’m sorry I’m so boring. Nyan cat doesn’t help, thanks. www.nyan.cat <– My sister's definition of entertainment.

So 9 May is a public holiday. I don't care about elections, honestly. Plus I didn't have school in the first place. Now the exam timetable is horrible. Physics and Biodiversity on the same day = Die, or die worse. (I typed double equals at first. Was coding.)

I need a better theme. WordPress been releasing many nice themes. Premium. Bleh.

This post is pointless. I seem to hate everything right now. I hate this feeling.



  1. nyan nyan nyan

    cheerup :)! if nyan.cat didn’t help, i’m sure http://www.nyanpig.com will :D!

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