Wall of Fame

Ahahah my awesome wall! XD

[picture quality bad, but meh couldn’t get my hands to stop shaking]

To all the random k-pop fangirls / fanboys, nah I still don’t like k-pop. That’s my sis’s side of the wall; the k-pop side. D< She spam so much, some day I'm gonna find lots of Mayday (and other c-pop artistes') posters and paste all over. See poor Mayday only occupy so small space. D: Well at least it's at eye-level. Ohoh it's the first poster you see when you walk into my room! :D:D (Uh fyi if you didn't know already (and I sure hope you do), see the poster above that red old-fashioned looking thing (it's a sewing machine btw)? YES THAT'S THE MOST AWESOME BAND EVERR. Get that.




  1. Xinying

    i thought the poster on the left of the red thing was the best yknw andddddd kthxbai behind got no fullstop. cos you already say bye

  2. Xinying

    whatever lol html is quite cool wordpress is quite cool to allow html lol kwahaha

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