Teachers’ Day Celebration

Teachers’ Day celebration was epic. No actually the random stuff during the performance / skit were.

School starts at 8.45 today. D: I didn’t realise until I was already on the way to school, and I reached school at 7.20 when I could have slept for 1 more hour. :( So I guess this is why we should, uh, read the stuff that the school gives us? (Or else make sure someone else forgets too.) Well anyway Jiawei was really early too, and Leyi and this random senior whom I still don’t know her name although I see her almost every morning in the canteen. I think we were talking about pretty random stuff. Like Mr Yee wearing our school uniform to school on Teacher’s Day last year (or was it the year before). And how 一大堆 isn’t a very good phrase to describe the teachers who were having (catered buffet) breakfast. (I’m sorry! I think I wasn’t totally awake yet.) And like how some teachers always wear the same few sets of clothes while some others I’ve never seen them wearing the same combination twice. This kinda reminded me of Mr Yeo (the Nan hua one) who once told us he only has 3 shirts and 2 pants. Oo. I wonder if he bought any new ones, hmm.

About the concert/performance, it was generally okay.
I wasn’t exactly listening to the korean band lead singer; I was more interested in the guitarist. (No, not in that sense.) Omg he really is imba. But Mayday is still the best. :D Monster and Stone (and Masa) guitar skill/mastery ftw. Eh? I’m digressing from the topic.

“How well do you know your teachers?” Not very well I suppose. Ms Lee likes the number 7? Since when did Mr Yee mention juice makers and oranges/orange juice in functions? So Mr Tan was the one who ‘invented’ heart shaped functions. (I’d prefer smileys any day, just saying.) And Mr Murali has changed a lot since whenever that photo was taken. He definitely looks better with short hair.

Just some of the more epic stuff here.

Ms Stylo Milo: Ms Evangeline Cheng
I understand she has a whole load of clothes (haven’t seen her wearing the same thing twice), but, stylo milo?! (Am speechless.)

Mr Omnipresent: Mr Johnny Leong
Some guys were chanting “Johnny johnny” before it was announced. Well we seem to see less of him now as compared to last year, I think. (Less epic, nevermind.)

Background music while giving out teacher and staff awards: “I want nobody nobody but you~
School: -CLAPCLAP- (pause) -CLAP- (and awardees get dao-ed.)

Most probably the last song the school would ever want to play (on similar occasions) again.

Darren Boy / Weihao: Stupid turnstile. DX

I like this line. He said that twice.

Half of the talking turnstile (WHA-) / Random student: (goes around asking teachers) Do you think we should switch them back?
Dr Hang: Yes, of course.
Some teacher: Yes.
Another teacher: Yes.
Yet another teacher: Yes.
Half of the talking turnstile / Random student: Mr Yuen, give me the answer I want.
Mr Yuen: 42.
School: -laughter-
Mr Wang: Yes. For it to be effective, your sample size should be large enough. (on getting mean median mode of gathered replies.)
School: -more laughter-

This is totally epic. Mr Yuen is cool. Well what else can you expect from Mr Philosophical.

1 + 1
= 1 + (42 / 42)
= 2, 3, 4, 5, … (infinity)

There you have it. The philosophical solution. Since 42 is the answer to everything in the universe, if you didn’t already know.

Moral of the whole skit? Don’t go in the turnstile with someone else (especially not your teacher). If you have to, don’t call it a “stupid turnstile”.

// end
// maybe not

It’s Ms Mak’s last day. D’:
She gave us (ex 106/206 -ers) this transparent bag thing (what to call it?) which says: “M08106 rox!” at one corner.

So nice of her! (: Now I feel bad that we only have a card for her. :/
Ms Mak we love you! <3 You rock too! (although I doubt she’ll see this.)

I’m still wondering what I can use it for. Pencil case? But then again I don’t have so much stuff. Ji-Hyun was saying we could use it during exams (remember that “put stationery in clear ziploc bag” rule that almost no one ever follows?). -.-

// lame joke
// no I won’t go to the lame joke box/corner

A: You rock!
B: No. I stone.
A: -rolls eyes- (not literally) / -facepalm-

(I think I had a similar conversation with Seeu Kun during CCA. Twice. Me being B. :D)

Oh yeah. Before I forget, happy teachers’ day! (If you do read my blog, that is.)


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