I have a sad life.

There was no CCA today. Quite the most awesome thing in a while. But nice stuff is always accompanied with much more horrible stuff. D:

An overview of my sad life for the next 3 weeks or so. Actually it’s more of to remind myself.

Monday: 听写
Tuesday: Higher Chinese test, CS lab test
Friday: 私函

Thursday: Bio quiz, Art quiz (probably. or friday.)
Friday: Physics in-class-assignment (or is this the previous friday?), Chem quiz

Monday: Physics test

Plus random stuff like the iPosterise IMF poster and polymer chem poster. iPosterise is a stupid name anyway. That’s so Apple. Oh well but I suppose the photoshop-ing will be fun. If we manage to find a nice topic and start on it asap, that is.

Sidenote. So the super-awesome post check box thing is permanent? -googles- Right. As long as “Surprise Me” is still checked in the settings.

“When “This post is super-awesome” is checked and user click PUBLISH, then video snippets of scenes replete with whooping, high fiving, slamdunking and general celebration that might play. The Tiger Woods hole-in-one footage seemed off to me but there were some great clips.”

Random much? I didn’t see that yesterday, anyway.


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  1. hello! link me up thanks :D OKAY BYE. link both is good but if you don’t like you can choose :D

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