Because I feel I need to.

//This post doesn’t serve any purpose whatsoever.
//Except to waste my time (and unfortunately, yours too).

It’s been one month since I last wrote anything here. I’m surprised the stats page still shows visitors. I’ve been wanting to update since a few days ago, but I ended up changing my theme, and doing random stuff on WordPress. Like creating a page for you to stalk me. You’ll be disappointed though. (:

Just saying. Tumblr is a waste of time. All you do is reblog random pictures/quotes that may or may not represent your own thoughts/opinions. I admit some pictures are kind of cute, but 看过了就好了嘛。Why reblog? It’s so unoriginal. 而且reblog来reblog去的都是同样那几张,那几个网址找来的。毫无意义,这是肯定的。Plus you spend so much time looking for stuff to reblog about, in the end you find that you have accomplished nothing. (Like Facebook and Twitter and everything else doesn’t do that to you enough.)

I’m sorry I can’t help but write in Chinese. Sometimes my brain just fails to convert those thoughts into English. I realise I am less lame and sarcastic in Chinese. How is that possible anyway?


Eh? “This post is super-awesome” (as seen above.)
//checks box

I have no idea what will happen. To this super-awesome post.
Conclusion: The preview doesn’t show anything weirdly special. Oh well.


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