Lack of inspiration for a decent title.

So that is what you get.

It’s hard typing on my phone, especially when I’m trying to do physics at the same time. So I suppose this be short.

Haven’t exactly been posting a lot lately simply because I couldn’t find stuff to write about. Same goes for my very long overdue suibi. I finally handed it in today. 2 suibi entries is pure hell. I think my chinese has deproved a lot. So has my english, but that’s not so bad considering that english isn’t nice, and was never my forte. -coughcough-

So today I was taking 188 to school and I sat down beside this teacher. But I didn’t know she was a teacher then. So I sat down beside her. Then when I got off the bus I realised she got off too. Then I realised she’s a teacher. Omg.

But I’ve never seen her in my whole life! :o Are there a lot of new teachers recently? -shrugs- And there’s also this other teacher which I never knew existed until a few days ago. Saw on the bus too. Lol.

Oh crap I’ve been writing so much nonsense. I need to do my homework! (Oh yes I have no life.) Current homework count: 5. D:

Physics assignment, chem worksheet, mentoring journal DD:, zuoye, polymer chem worksheet.
And probably more that I forgot. :(

I so have no life.
But I want to watch Inception and Despicable Me! :/

That is so totally cuteeeeeee.


One comment

  1. Xinying

    You forgot to mention that in the so many things you want to do, you want to buy me Lucifer. :D

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