I’m bored.

I think I need to post. So shall I.
I might have used this title before.
I seem to be bored very often.

There’s no school today.
to shu en (and anyone else from some other school who is reading this): HA! :D
Staff development day.

I woke up at 1pm today. (:
Actually I woke up at 9.45 because of some SMS, and played Sudoku on my phone, and went back to sleep because I was bored.

There’s supposed to be a class outing / farewell party today. I didn’t go. I don’t wanna ice skate.
And my throat feels terrible. It’s better now, but I know it’s going to come back.
I see on Facebook the photos Nikki has uploaded. So they went bowling. :(
Bowling is fun! I should have gone.

10 minutes after I “changed” my Facebook profile picture it still says “Uploading picture”.
It’s already uploaded apparently. But it still says “Uploading picture”.
So I closed it.
Sometimes Facebook is just horrible.

Boredom does wonders.
I spent the whole afternoon doing math.
Math assignment 1, tutorial 1.1, tutorial 1.2.
Now when I see the words “expand” or “coefficient” they look like they’re spelt wrongly.

I believe there’s one small part in my brain that comes up with all the lame jokes.
It’s not functioning very well these days.
Can a doctor cure that?



  1. you should have come!

    and the iceskating was even funner than the bowling :D we had very epic truth or dare session after food and everything.

    get well soon! (:

  2. shuen

    When you think about it math terms make no sense. :P ‘Expand’ makes me think the equation’s going to balloon and burst off the paper or something.

    And no, I’m not jealous. Schools is fun enough to attend here. WAIT, WHAT DID I SAY?


    • school is fun?! -gasp-
      stayreal is a brand. by mayday’s lead singer and his good friend. :D okay la the designs very nice also. (:

      aha. the pixar talk was real boring.
      we had a wayyy cooler one on wednesday. on puzzles.
      omg that guy collects awesome puzzles. :D
      okay maybe you don’t think (math) puzzles are cool.

      oh he had this really really cute doraemon 2x2x2 rubik’s cube! (:

  3. Shu En

    It was in the shape of a doraemon? :X IWANT I mean, I WOULD want if I were a nerd XD

  4. Shu En

    Cmon, who bothers actually doing rubix cubes :X

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