Random Unrelated Stuff

School has been rather uneventful. At least I’m not yet feeling sleepy in classes. Except English.

The timetable is horrible (as usual) but very slightly better than last semester. I do not like P.E. first thing in the morning. I never liked P.E. anyway. I’m going to have 5 hours of lessons straight on alternate Tuesdays. Chinese, Polymer Chemistry, CS. Okay, I can’t blame anyone for that other than myself. But I have to take CS. And Polymer Chemistry. It’s quite hard actually. But fun. Ms Kong is nice. (: On Wednesdays we only have a half hour lunch break. D: Which is evil. Unless you can queue and buy your lunch and gobble it down in time. I know I can’t. At least there’s no Da Vinci this semester. Just some talks sometimes.

blocked nose. bleh.

There were only 3 people (me, Vivian, IanF) during CS (second class) on Thursday. There were supposed to be 2 classes. We went for the second one. Almost everyone else came for the first one. It felt really really weird. And exceptionally quiet. LOL.

Mr Yee is totally awesome. :D

Finished watching 飞女正传 Fly with Me. Not bad, super funny at some parts, but the ending was rather lame and so unexpected. -clicksimaginarylikebutton- (: I don’t normally go for Hong Kong shows, but 这次是例外啦。I was reading the subtitles all the way. Still can’t understand Cantonese leh. Up till now the only words/phrases I can remember is “是” and “什么事”, which is really pathetic considering I’ve watched one whole drama series.


杨-sir aka 杨浩然 aka Edmond (黄德斌 饰)超帅。:D Never hear before, right? Click his name (go on, you know you want to). Okay la a bit old I admit. But shuai right. i noes someone is gonna disagree. 陈豪 not bad also. His white hair is cool. (: But you can obviously see it’s a wig in the show.

i is fangirling.

Now watching 偷心大圣PS男 (Master Heart-Robber PS Man?). It’s still airing in Taiwan. I’ve only watched the first episode and it seems quite good. Not as good as 下一站,幸福 Autumn’s Concerto la. But I’ve read somewhere that the plot is somewhat draggy at parts. ._.

Nevermind la. 白歆惠 and 隋棠 super chio. 蓝正龙 so-so la. His character is irritating and totally disgusting. 温升豪 hasn’t appeared yet, but 看样子还不赖嘛。

–> There’s this guy who plays the role of 蓝正龙’s personal assistant / good friend who looks a whole lot like Mr (Sean) Yee. It’s freaky. Yeah I know Mr Yee is nice, but after seeing him 4 days a week, it’s kind of _____ to see “him” in PS Man again. (Couldn’t find a suitable word to put there leh.)


Lazy to continue anymore. Has to sleep. Wish there was no school tomorrow.



  1. Xinying

    Actually i do like 杨 sir ^^

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