Overdue Updates (Part 1)

it shall be real this time round.

My fingers are feeling lazy today. And I’m not exactly good at recounting stuff. But since I told someone I was going to type a 1000 word post, so yeah. -shrugs- So I figured the only way I’m going to be able to come up with such a long post is to rant about whatever I’ve been doing for the past 2 weeks since I haven’t written about them anyway.

i’m regretting it already.

Before I forget,
Happy Birthday Rachel!
(: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (:

oh shucks what to get her

309’s first ever class outing. (: At ECP.
I was kind of surprised that more than half the class actually turned up, considering the fact that our previously planned class outings were all super fail and kept getting cancelled due to much-less-than-overwhelming response. (I can’t quite remember the exact number, I mean, it’s like close to 2 weeks ago.)


It was fun. (:
word count: 150. lol random.

Cycling was tiring. Not to mention that it was in the afternoon and super hot and sunny and yeah. No one wanted to ride a tandem bike with Julia (or a couple bike, so she calls it), so she had to settle for a normal one. She kept talking about it for the rest of the trip. We cycled for around…2 hours or so? With random stops in between. For the first half I was trying to catch up (ketchup! ._.) with everyone else. For the second half I was talking to Julia.

Basically we cycled to this random area and took random class photos. I was busy getting the sand out of my sandals, meh. Then someone decided we should turn back since we presumably wasn’t going to have enough time left to cycle if we went further and still had to go back to return the bikes. Zuo Wei and Zheyu wanted to continue cycling to Changi Village, but I think they changed their minds and turned back a short while later. So apparently I was talking to Julia on the way back, and we were cycling pretty slowly. Met Russell midway because something happened to his bike. And Julia fixed it. And got her hands all oily and black. fastforwards. nothing much here i guess. When we got back we couldn’t find anyone. After that they told us they went to the jetty. :/ We didn’t know.

Lunch at Burger King.
We had a vote on it. I don’t remember Burger King having a lot of votes. But majority was against Macs. I got myself a drink and shared a meal with Ruth. Shared as in, I took the onion rings, she took the rest. Heh. I wasn’t really hungry since I brought my breakfast and ate it while walking to ECP. I regretted that later.

random word count again: 460

Played 2 games of bowling. (:
It was my first time. After the first game my fingers were hurting already. It turns out that I’ve been holding the bowling ball the wrong way… Edith’s lane was epic! Ruth, Edith and Yang Zi were there I think. The first few bowls (what do you call it anyway?!) were like 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 | 0 6 0. Yes, awesome I know. XD

Chen Yue scored a random double strike. A pity he didn’t go on and get a turkey. That’d be so cool. The guys scored random strikes. And Yang Zi too. I got a few spares only. Not bad, considering it’s my first time. (: I kept getting nines in the second game. No strikes. :/ It was cool anyway.

After bowling it was still kind of early, so Zuo Wei suggesting going to some karaoke place. Some disinterested people went home. We went around walking randomly, and asked random shop owners if they knew of a karaoke. Turns out it was non-existent. So Russell decided to go build sandcastles instead. I was sniffing and sneezing all the way. :( Somehow the sandcastle turned into Zuo Wei’s tomb. An kept mentioning about throwing him into the sea or something. I guess that’s why. It looked more like a 309 tomb. Hmm.

Someone saw some random people kite-flying. Then Russell suggested we could go kite-flying for our next class outing. It was a lame idea. Wouldn’t it be so dumb if 2 people were maneuvering the kite and everyone else was stoning and watching?

So in the end we all took the train home.
Taking the train from Bedok all the way to Jurong East then to Bukit Batok isn’t exactly very nice when you’re hungry and tired at the same time.

another word count: 758 (:

my memory’s failing me. have to type faster.

Singapore Discovery Center.
I didn’t discover much, which wasn’t a surprise since I was wondering when we could leave throughout the whole trip. Ms Mak says it was some NE thing so we had to go. :( She must have been feeling bored too. The first half of the visit was spent wandering around some YOG exhibits that weren’t in the least bit interesting. We were given this small booklet worksheet thing to fill up and submit to the counter over there to redeem…a lousy chop. Like that isn’t bad enough. We were surrounded by short primary school students, looking at the same childish exhibits, queuing for the same games. I just walked around randomly. I didn’t even bother filling that piece of card up.


We had a short break after that, then proceeded somewhere which I can’t remember anymore. Oh there was this mini human foosball area, and this place with random people’s emails and small profile things hanging on the wall. Wei Shuen was trying to look for those who might be chiobu-s. Desperate people.

There was a mini quiz thing after that. The questions were about some different cultures in different parts of the world. Most of them could be guessed actually, since some of the options were total nonsense. At the end of everything the SDC guy showed us the cool countries of the world video. The one where this cartoon character is singing this super fast song which lyrics were all countries. The one Ms Chen/Mrs Lim showed us in Year 1 Geography and offered 5 bucks to anyone who can sing the whole song. The one Galen could sing (and still can) and got 5 bucks after that. Yeah, that one. Too bad Galen wasn’t in our group. I heard he sang it. Anyway someone dragged Wei Hao to sing. He fumbled quite a lot.

word count: 1074. woohoo!


There’s a part 2 coming. I’ll try. (:


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