Autumn’s Concerto ♥

Ha. Chose this image on purpose. Got 小小彬! (:

Been busy watching 下一站,幸福 (Autumn’s Concerto) for the past week. (: It’s superr awesome I tell you. One of the nicest and most touching 偶像剧 (idol drama?) I’ve ever watched, although the storyline is rather similar to many others.

So basically like almost all other idol dramas, there’s always this rich guy who is of a certain social status, and he is almost always cold and unfeeling. 冷血无情。(: And then this particular rich guy will meet some plain, not particularly very visually appealing but very kind and nice girl. Most of the time they hate each other in the beginning, then they fall for each other. And that cold and unfeeling guy gets changed for the better by the girl. But they don’t live happily ever after…yet. Since another guy will always appear before the leads end up together. This second guy seems to be better towards the girl, and he is not as cold-blooded apparently. The girl may or may not fall for him (most of the time she does), and they may go together for a short period of time, until something happens. So the girl realises (in some way or another) that her heart belongs to the cold and unfeeling guy. And after so much, they finally live happily ever after.

There. You have just understood the storyline of around 80% of idol dramas.

Anyway, in this case, 任光希 (Ren Guangxi) is the son of the chairwoman of this prestigious university. Naturally, he is also filthy rich. And arrogant too. He enjoys toying with girl’s feelings (especially those rich and/or pretty ones), and bets with his friends that he’ll be able to win over their hearts within a certain period of time. He wins these bets. Until 梁慕橙 (Liang Mucheng) appears. She works in the university canteen. Mucheng’s parents left her when she was young, and she has been living with her stepmother (小阿姨) since then. After her father met with an accident, her family lost their fortune and their house got taken away from them. They have been living in poverty after that.

i realise i’ve been revealing too much. hmm.

So they met and they gradually develop feelings for each other. However, not long after they started going together, Guangxi realises that he has a brain tumor and needs to undergo a surgery asap. But the doctors all say that the chances of him surviving is very slim. But Mucheng stays by Guangxi’s side, until Guangxi’s mother begs her to leave him. She has no choice but to do so to help Guangxi. However, she finds out that she is pregnant with Guangxi’s child.

After the brain surgery, Guangxi forgets everything. He falls in love with 何以茜 (He Yiqian), who has been staying by his side for the past six years after his surgery. Now, six years pass, Mucheng leads a peaceful and carefree life in 花田村 with her son, 小乐 (Xiaole), while Guangxi is a highly successful lawyer and is engaged to Yiqian. He is asked to go to 花田村 for a case, where he meets Mucheng. To him, Mucheng is only but a stranger. But Mucheng feels otherwise. Gradually, he recalls bits and pieces of his past memory.

However, more problems arise. Will Guangxi, Mucheng and Xiaole live together happily ever after?

watch to find out. (:

Rawr. I’m so totally off point. The title of this post was supposed to be “Overdue Updates”. But I ended up talking about Autumn’s Concerto. Heh. Got too carried away already. It’s just too awesome! (:


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