The unofficial last day of school

Better known as the day we get our progress reports.


It was much better than I expected. (: I thought I would have gotten below 4.3 (yes weird number I know). It must be because they didn’t count English and Physics. They’re both year-long modules (and that just defeats the whole modular system purpose), and both 6 MC. Which means I can’t do badly for both modules next semester. If not I’ll be dead.

Anyway. I think I’m supposed to feel happy and jump around and scream and exclaim and hug people like Julia. Maybe even happier. But this teeny weeny part of me tells me I could have done better. Yeah, I could actually. If I decided to mug one week before my biology quizzes, and actually memorise every single word in my art lecture notes. So I wouldn’t fail (or merely pass) my biology quizzes and get an A for the art quiz to pull my art grade up.

I hate humanities and arts. I got a B for art. :/ Ruth got A!
That’s scary. Anyone who gets A for art is scary. Must be the quiz.

If I got A for art my CAP would have been 4.8. 0.2 difference leh!
If I totally excluded art I would get 4.8 too.
If I just got one grade higher (ie B+) for art I would have gotten 4.7.

We’re going to the Singapore Discovery Centre next Wednesday. D: Not looking forward to it.


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