SJChO Preparatory Session

I never liked qualitative analysis, but yeah, titration isn’t much better either.
Therefore I am going to mess up Round 2 of SJChO. So I assume I’ll only get a Merit.

It wasn’t much of a preparatory session. It felt more like an extra ungraded practical. Two, as a matter of fact. Well at least my teammates are people I know (Dzung and Anh). So I won’t feel so lonely. (:

Oh Mr Bernard Ng is awesome. XD Why are all the chemistry teachers who are not teaching me so nice! :/
Okay so there was this slides printed for us about Round 2 stuff. The last slide says:

We discourage special coaching/tuition tailored for the preparation of SJChO but encourage a vigorous approach…..coupled with practical and creative skills

(some random guy said something here, but I kind of forgot and I don’t think it was important anyway. Something about the discouraging of special coaching and the fact that it’s the reason we were there.)

Mr Ng: (In reply to whatever the random guy said)
Uh…It’s a by-the-way kind of thing…yeah. (or something along those lines)

Yeah, and he was also asking about the different kinds of experimenting/practical techniques (whatever it’s called).

Someone whom I think is Ian Foo:

Mr Ng:
Uh…yeah, experimenting (is a technique)…it’s in line with our school motto, (experiment, explore, excel).


By the way that happened yesterday.


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