It’s just a waste of time. Like always.

I need to be more productive.

But that almost never happens when I’m with my laptop. I was going to complete the module evaluation surveys that the teachers are probably just going to read and forget. Or make things even worse. At least that’s what I think. Anyway that’s beyond the point.

Like I mentioned, I was going to go Espace, read the same set of questions, press a few buttons, type a few “NIL”, enter a few comments/complains, and press submit. And repeat that around ten times.

Of course I didn’t do all that. I went on Facebook, clicked random “Like” pages, liked some stuff, played some games on Kongregate, bloghopped, googled random stuff which I forgot, loaded Black and White episode 22 on Tudou, checked out the HPC quest website, wondered whether I should take part in it, read my emails, decided to visit Blogskins for reasons I don’t remember, somehow stumbled unto a tetris site, read some tweets, previewed the modules available for module selection in the evening, and posted. Instead. I think I probably did much more stuff which I can’t remember at the moment.

Well, I reached the “Evaluation Survey” page. It’s good enough an achievement, considering the last time I tried I didn’t even get past the login page. Heh.

I hate the fact that WordPress doesn’t allow me to press multiple ENTERs and leave big spaces in between my paragraphs. It’s annoying.

This week has been a totally horrible week. It’s only Monday.
Today was horribly boring and pointless.
CCA day. It’s self-explanatory.
Tomorrow will be horribly uninteresting.
Horror @ ACM? How horrifying. I would much rather prefer the Singapore Biennale which I don’t ever think they’re going to bring us there. SHU EN IF YOU’RE READING THIS WE COULD GO TOGETHER
The day after tomorrow will be horribly long and time wasting.
Let’s Debate workshop. Then this mock oral practice thing which is supposed to prepare us for the O-Levels Chinese Oral Paper somewhere in the middle of the year. And apparently if I didn’t hear wrongly, it’s graded?!
Thursday will be horribly horrible.
Yes I know you people do not have to go to school. I have this training session for the SJChO practical round. IT’S AT EIGHT IN THE MORNING.
The last day of the school week will be horribly terrible.
CAP. Like I even need to further elaborate. Well at least they let people have the rest of the day to emo while the teachers talk to the parents.

Every bold-and-underlined sentence/heading above starts with the letter “T”! Heh.

I need to start on the module evaluation surveys.

Espace is going to lag heavily tonight. I hope it doesn’t crash.

This particular teacher looks like my idol from a certain angle. That’s really freaky.
(I realised that shockingly last year, somehow it just came to my mind. -shrugs-)

That was random.

I’m going to start on the module evaluation surveys. Go away Facebook/Blogskins/Wordpress/Twitter/Anything-else-that-is-going-to-distract-me.



  1. Shu En

    Of course! :DDD

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