I miss being lame.

I seem to be losing my ability to come up with lame statements.

I mean, like, even if I do have something lame and crappy to say, there’s no one to say them to. I’m pretty sure Yong Chern isn’t interested. At all. He’s just going to get pissed and perhaps start swearing or something equally negative. And I’m not sure if Dzung minds. :/ And I assume anyone else in my class is just going to give me that “Ha. Ha. That is SO funny.” look.

There’s just no one to appreciate my jokes. I can’t possibly save them until break and tell the 302 people. It’s just, different. You know, the kind of jokes that suddenly comes to you in the middle of the lesson (and most probably is related to what the teacher was saying)? I need someone to tell those jokes to.

I still think I am coming up with lame stuff on a less regular basis. And that is a really bad sign.



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