Open House 2010

It’s yesterday.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to write here. Was it fun? Maybe.

Reached school at 8 when the open house officially started at 9. Ms Chew told us to come at 8. *shrugs* Spent the next hour playing games on my phone, discovering that my game has a glitch and trying to fix it but was not able to save. At least it didn’t affect gameplay. I think. The “lives left” can go negative! :D

It was interesting. Kind of. Actually we didn’t do much. Other than to try to tell the parents about the games aka CS projects last year. And stand around. And play Chen Ge’s game. I tell you his game is awesome. It’s the least math-related. That explains almost everything already. Okay so this is what happens (real-life examples from kids):

-Sees picture matching game- “Ohh fun!”
-Finishes stage- -Happy-
-Does not want to answer-

I think my game is the worst. :/ It was chiong-ed anyway. Oh and Hong Jing’s game is impossible to play and have fun at the same time. Unless you are some super multi-tasker. And I know you’re not. You have to move your plane around to dodge the bullets, read the math questions on the aliens, process the question in your brain (if you have one), type in the answer, shoot the alien whose question you’ve just answered. All at the same time. And maybe collect the power-ups if you have extra hands. Even easy is hard. At least to me.

Random fact –> Primary 6 kids do not look their age. Seriously. Some look like they’re in Primary 3. It’s scary.

Claire and Kuo Xuan are now famous. All thanks to their performance in the translation competition. Shouldn’t Cyrus be jealous? They were too close. Too over.

(In the Math ICT lab)
Mr Loo: Who made the Final Fantasy game?
Hong Jing and I: Claire -points to Claire-
Mr Loo: Oh. The one who performed with Kuo Xuan.

See? They’re famous.

Another random fact –> My very awesome 随笔 entry is 3 and 3/4 pages long. Without leaving lines. It’s almost equal to 3 of my usual entries. And I am proud of it. The next time this will ever happen is…when I finally get to go to Mayday’s concert. Which means it probably will never happen. At least in the next few years. That is, if I’m still writing 随笔s.

Random fact no. 3 –> I saw Mrs Kheng at the Open House! (: And she recognised me first. She was smiling at me. I didn’t know it was Mrs Kheng at first, I just thought she looked really familiar. Like some teacher in Nan Hua. Then I reckoned it’s either Mrs Kheng or Mrs (Michelle) Tan. (Somehow I can never really tell them apart.) Anyway I went to ask her and then we started talking. And I thought it was really cool. That she knew I was from Nan Hua. I mean, she never taught me before. (Btw there were quite a lot of Nan Hua students. Mrs Kheng said they came after the usual DSA admission talk. Got bus leh. Why our year don’t have?)

Okay. Yay. Bye.
Abrupt ending.


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