Very delayed updates (and complains too)

Seems like I haven’t been posting for quite a while already. I’ve been busy trying to finish all the holiday homework (yes I’m serious). Well actually I’ve also been chionging our structure for the National Earthquake Competition organised by Singapore Polytechnic, …and also watching 就想赖着你 Down With Love starring 言承旭 Jerry Yan and Ella. (: Not to mention all the nonsense during E-Learning too.

Following chronological order, apparently E-Learning comes first. So E-Learning I shall write complain about. Like everyone else hasn’t complained enough about it yet. Mine just comes later, since yours truly is a very slow person.

Obviously the whole plan was a waste of time. Yes I understand why the school 费尽心思 to come up with this E-Learning week so that we know what to do when some epidemic strikes again. (Pardon the sudden Chinese words.) Like SARS Episode 2 or something. D: But E-learning doesn’t equal to happily giving us one whole big fat stack of homework load (some imagination needed here) which amounts to about a month’s usual workload. (Sentence sounds really weird here. But then again, English was never my forte.)

长话短说, it’s just a plain waste of time. And electricity and energy and brainpower. Need I explain more. Plus it’s detrimental to our eyes. (Wonders why I’m using these kind of words all of a sudden. Bad sign. Shrugs.)

“Don’t read from the computer please, your eyesight is more certainly more precious than the five cents saved. The paper can be recycled in the future too.” -Mr Loo

That totally reinforced my point. (Although rather exaggerated in my point of view.) Anyway I only asked him whether we have to print out the partial fractions class worksheets. So you can imagine what will happen to our eyes when we sit in front of the computer for 10 hours a day (estimated value). Especially so when we are doing something we don’t like.

I guess I should stop rambling about E-Learning already. It’ll just go on and on. Not good for our eyes, eh?

Holidays this time round aren’t very nice after all. With all the projects and homework and whatnot. It’s not a holiday.

Okay so I spent the three days of my already very pathetic holidays to work on the structure for the National Earthquake Competition (I shall call it NEC. To save time.) and it was due on Wednesday. We (Claudia, Ji-Hyun, me) kind of chionged through our prototype since we figured we wouldn’t have enough time to finish it anyway. The real one was sort of chionged too. In one-and-a-half days. Tiring, it was. But it was fun too. At least in my point of view.

We made a lot of adjustments on Wednesday itself. Because Dr Pek said one direction was very weak. Basically we kept on adding weight to the whole structure. But it turned out to be about 680g (if I remembered correctly), which is considered rather light I suppose. But I don’t think it will be able to withstand the vibrations. :/ And the weights. According to the technical requirements, the weights are about 635g each and there will be 12 weights put on our model in total. That amounts to more than 7.5kg. Which is like, 12 times our structure’s weight?! Great.

Anyway, I don’t have the photos with me as of now. D: So I can’t show whoever is reading this post at this pathetic place. Currently waiting for Ji-Hyun and Dr Pek to send me since I was too lazy to take. (: I’ll upload when I get them. Hopefully by tomorrow? :/

As for the very annoying homework left for me to do, all I can say is: Good luck to me. DX

Oh congratulations for reaching the bottom of this long post.


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