Something interesting I found out

This is what happens as a result of too much homework.

When I type: (in Chrome’s address bar, then enter)
q |
w | takes me to Wiggio
e | takes me to Espace (Blame E-learning)
r | takes me to RVHS IVLE (I wonder why)
t | takes me to Twitter (Expected)
y | takes me to Youtube
u | takes me to Rachel’s blog (O.o)
i | takes me to my previous blog
o | takes me to Onedayinmay (!)
p | takes me to Photobucket (Hmm.)

a | takes me to MOUSEHUNT (?!) Bad sign.
s |
d |
f | takes me to Facebook (For apparent reasons)
g | takes me to Google
h | takes me to Hotmail
j |
k |
l | takes me here!

z |
x | takes me to my sister’s random friend’s blog (wow)
c | takes me to Cruz Teng’s blog (LOL?)
v |
b | takes me to Blogger (which I rarely visit now)
n | takes me to Nuffnang
m | takes me to our class blog!


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