[Fire drill: Fire alarm sounds.]

[Announcement by Dr Hang]
“…the fire is located outside classrooms B4-02 and B4-03. Please assemble outside your classrooms…(before heading to the assembly area)…”

Assemble outside our classroomsto feed ourselves to the fire?

Just so you know, my classroom = B4-02. We were having Math anyway.

By right we shouldn’t even have left our classrooms. Since we’ll be devoured by the fire. By right we shouldn’t have been able to continue our Math lessons afterward. Since our classroom would have been burnt down. Along with our worksheets too. But he refused to believe us.

[Yesterday aka the first day of E-Learning]

Apparently we have to print out our Chemistry notes.

[First try]
Set it to 4 pages per paper. Realised the order was totally wrong.

[Second try]
Set “Odd pages only”. Then they only printed slides 1,3,5… -.-

[Third try]
Technically this shouldn’t be counted as a try. Since it refused to print.

[Nth try]
Finally got the printer to print something. But it would only print ONE PAGE AT A TIME. And everything that was supposed to be black (which turned out to be most of the stuff), came out green. Yeah I know going green is good for the environment, but not to this extent right?

That was basically what I did for E-learningprinting yesterday. -.-




  1. Shu En


    So phail XD

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