Year 3 Parents’ Briefing

I’ve seen almost all of the slides presented during the parents’ briefing. And it’s like the same things are being talked about every year. Aka, I’ve heard most of them.

Probably the only reason I went is to listen to the “Computing studies and Economics as new majors” part. Apparently if you want to major in CS, you have to take all the CS electives and they will be converted to core modules once you decide to major in it. Which means I can’t slack during CS.

Oh Mr Ng came and talked a bit to my mum. He was saying something along the lines of “Xin Ai is coping quite well with the module…[blahblahblah]…right, Xin Ai?” Then I was like “Uh…………………Yeah…[voicetrailsoff]…” Hmm. I’m not exactly sure about that.

Ms Lau talked to my mum too. I wasn’t there, but according to my mum, she said that I was kind of quiet. I’ve yet to find a teacher that doesn’t think I’m quiet. Because I am.

I incidentally found out that my mum knows Weijie’s mum. (Yeah the ex-207 one.) Very shocking I know. Apparently they’re ex-colleagues and have known each over for more than 10 years. Oh my. In my whole life I have never seen her before, much less know that she’s Weijie’s mum. Wow.

Anyway. Question. Should I apply for einstein plus?


One comment

  1. Xinying

    Too quiet already! Haha I second to that.

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