I pity my mouse.

Have you ever seen a mouse go bungee jumping? That’s exactly what happened to mine. I know my mouse has been cooped in my bag since morning. I know my mouse needs serious entertainment. But isn’t bungee jumping a little too over? For all we know, it might just suffer from some unknown mouse heart disease. It’s too large a force for a teeny weeny little mouse to take. It has feelings too, really.

It’s murder!

Okay la. That’s kind of too exaggerated. My mouse is fortunately still intact. (:

But seriously. Apparently my poor mouse has suffered the same amount of damage (maybe even more) in 2 hours as compared to the 2-plus months with me. By the way, I found a scratch. I’m not sure who made that.

LUCKILY IT WASN’T WIRELESS. Otherwise it would have been buried by now. Complete with a funeral.

PS: Too bad if you can’t understand what I’m talking about.


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