How can anyone possibly like Biology?

I don’t like Biology. It’s like chunks of information. And boring ones too. Plus the only thing you do in Biology lessons memorising possibly useless stuff.

Fyi I’m supposed to be doing my Biology plant press assignment which is due tomorrow. And I don’t like it. :/

Random stuff.

By the way, the Physics quiz in-class assignment wasn’t as hard as I thought so. It’s not exactly a quiz if it’s open book anyway. The only reason why teachers probably call quizzes “quizzes” are because they want us to panic and study. Duh! I mean if they say it was an assignment, who would study? (And some people like me *ahem* already don’t study *ahem* for quizzes. )


Botanical Gardens tomorrow. Biology field trip. And I’m so not looking forward to it.

More random stuff.

The trainee teacher who is supposedly teaching us from next week onwards for Math will only be coming the week after next. Is that good news? Or bad news. It really depends on how interesting he is then. Hopefully less people will fall asleep in class.

Oh art was kind of fun today. Figure drawings. Ms K said we were supposed to get better with every sketch. But apparently I think my first few (and maybe one or two at the back) were better. That last one was very ugly. I didn’t have enough time to draw Ruth properly. Oops sorry! ):

I had to do a lousy pose – standing with hands on hips. D: It felt really stupid. Bleh.

Yay. This was a very random post. And more than half of it has got nothing to do with the title.


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