Who knew art could be so tiring?

My finished self portrait.

It doesn’t look like me.

I know it definitely can’t compare to Jun Qi’s (obvioiusly), Yong Chern’s or everyone else’s. And the right part of my forehead looks really dark. And the whole face shape is kind of weird and long and funny. And my left eye looks bigger than my right eye. But I don’t really care now.

Well at least it looks better in picture than the real sheet of paper itself. At least my shirt looks like a shirt! (: I was kind of worried because no matter how much I try to blend the whole shirt together, it still looks like 3 different colours and not a shirt or anything of the sort. I mean it just didn’t look like a shirt at that point of time. Until I took the photograph.

I’m just hoping it doesn’t look nice only because my lousy phone’s camera is only 1MP and it can’t capture the ugly parts of the portrait.

I think the only part I probably like about my portrait is the background. Because it looks the nicest. Perhaps the shirt too. That’s all. Pathetic I know.

PS: The background isn’t blue, just in case you’re wondering. It’s light grey. That’s how bad my phone is.



  1. Hi Xinai:

    Awesome portrait XD (though I’m only saying that cos I haven’t seen anyone else’s) I like the colours, what exactly did you do it with? Although on second thought it looks absolutely nothing like you XD

    I bet I could do a better one

    Anyway, i’ve joined Art Elective Program in school, very very few people in it like <8. Its the only way I'd have a chance to DO any art. The graduation year is super hiong, must create graduation exhibit. Though I expect it's the same for you guys. I'm so jealous you get to do something with colour, last week we had to lug the bloody easel around school, set it down then draw the school architecture STANDING UP. Bloody *()&(.

    Hope you're having fun (: See art is so muchmuch better than hist or geog or LIT rite (:

    -Shu En

    PS. Must remember to go biennale with me next year. Unless you are already going with school, for which i will murder you.

    • Yay thanks (: A lot of people have nicer ones though. Oh anyway it was pastel. Doesn’t look like pastel from the photo la.
      See? I already said it didn’t look like me. >< And no you can't do a better one.

      Your school has AEP meh? Never heard of it. I though only RGS has. I think our school art major also the same thing one la. If I'm not wrong we have to join a art-related CCA too. :/ HA! That's sooooo boring. We did figure drawing this week anyway. Actually it's more of sketching. Quite fun :D

      Yup art is the best. Obvious. Other than the fact that my teacher is kind of boring. And weird. (Oh that's contradicting. Whatever.) Mr Chua and Mr Yang left already I think. :/

      Even if I go to the Biennale with the school still can go again one ma. :) Hopefully I'll have time.

      Oh by the way congratulations on being the first person to comment. -.-

  2. Oh, and art is VERY TIEING XD

  3. Ah. That’s quite big. I’m doing figure drawings now, mostly architecture and learning to shade. Pencils only. Got larh actually quite a few schools have AEP; Nan Yang etc.
    (i just realized the spectacles thing on the left of your head doesnt even LEAD anywhere XD)
    Oh we have to join art-related CCA. So thats why I joined band ma. But a lot of people aren’t in art-related CCA. Crap lah.
    Mr Chua AND Mr Yang LEFT?! T-T And Mr Yang was so awesome… okay maybe next year he’ll put sth up at the Biennale XD


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