Update in 10 minutes.

I’m currently listening to last Monday’s 就是万人迷. It is VERY amusing. And very hilarious. Because you don’t hear this at 10.53pm. I kind of recorded it since my sister wanted to listen but she couldn’t. And in the end it was left to rot anyway. Until I decided to transfer more songs to my music player. Then I discovered it and…you should know the rest.

I should just keep this in my music player for the next 10 or 20 years then one fine day decide to listen to it again. And when that day comes, I’ll be like “OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE I STILL HAVE THIS.” and probably start laughing at all the commercials. And whatever Cruz and Jia Hui says. :D

Time check: 10.55pm. I have 5 more minutes to type whatever is in my mind now.

CCA was awezome. Somehow someone decided to push forward CCA by one hour. Then most of the people (at least the year 1 to 3s) didn’t know and they all came at 4. Yeah anyway we spent the first one hour doing…nothing. Because Yong Xue was teaching the year 1s how to model that gingerbread man since they weren’t here last week. And Yuting couldn’t continue until they’ve finished. Yup so it was uber slack.

And then we spent the next one hour adding eyes, a mouth, and textures for the gingerbread man. Our progress is real fast, can.

See? Yet another CCA session wasted.

Bye. I’m so on time.



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