What I remember from the whole of January. Within this short period of time.

It’s like 3 more days to February, and this is only my second post of the year. But you can’t really blame me for that. Blame the lousy internet connection that prevents me from doing anything other than play MCF on the computer. Yeah so this post shall be a very very rough summary (because I didn’t use sandpaper on it) of whatever happened in the past month. Or at least those I remember and feel like typing out. And right after I typed this paragraph of text I forgot what I wanted to write.

You know like when you’re in the shower or doing some random stuff you suddenly have this idea of what to write about and then when you finally have the chance to, you instantly forget everything. You don’t? Fine maybe only I do. Oh the order of stuff doesn’t really say much other than the fact that they came to my mind earlier.

Uh. So here goes.

1/ MasteringPhysics is awesome. NOT. I don’t know why but somehow that kind of squeezed its way here. No, really. It’s that bad. If my physics results drop, I’ll know what caused it. Because I’ve been making all kinds of stupid careless mistakes. And it’s only the first assignment. I stupidly wasted six tries (and got them all wrong) and then half an hour later I stupidly realised I stupidly made a stupid mistake. Like my vector somehow being in the opposite direction. That’s why no matter how I try, the angle’s still wrong. And what else will happen in the next one year’s physics assignment? I don’t even want to try thinking. Yeah I know I’ve said all these already, but typing it out makes me feel…very slightly better.

2/ I think I’m falling in love with Eason Chan (陈奕迅) already. Is that a good or bad thing? I don’t know. I know many people say that Eason has ugly hair and looks ugly and has bad fashion sense. Uh let’s put it this way. Eason isn’t exactly very good-looking (but he’s not ugly either) and I never really liked his hair. His clothes…I have nothing to say. I mean, he is like unique and different from everyone else. It’s his own style – Eason-style. That’s really why I admire him. Not every star can dress very casually (or very extremely extreme) to an event. Plus his songs are really really awesome, just he is himself.

3/ Infocomm’s “Welcome Party” shouldn’t include not-very amazing races anymore. And forever and ever. Sometimes I really suspect if their main goal was to make us exercise and lose weight since almost all we do is plonk our butts in front of the computers. I am more convinced after today. Since our stations require us to go up-down-up-down in the school. (No I’m not implying any other meaning.) Anyway to any exco member who’s possibly looking at this: Really, I think it’s time we stopped the amazing races.

Okay since I don’t feel like typing anymore, I shall leave the rest of the stuff to my next post, which may not be coming any time soon. Bye.

PS: I kind of left my art portrait paper in the computer lab after CCA. Do not throw it away if you happen to see it stuck between two CPUs. Last row on the left, by the way.


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