Desktop Applications to Improve Your Twitter Experience.

Twitter has been increasing in popularity recently. Perhaps not quite recently, but you get the idea. Since the current Twitter user interface isn’t exactly very attractive nor efficient, why not get a desktop app so you can get the most out of Twitter? Here’s some desktop apps to enhance you Twitter experience.


It’s an Adobe AIR-based app. Nice and simple user interface, yet there are a lot of things you can go configure. Like who shows up on the “home” page and who doesn’t. And you can also set the time interval between checks for new tweets. It’s like a background running app that notifies you when there are new tweets / replies. It highlights them too, and you “read” them by hovering your cursor over it. You can disable that if you want actually.

I like this app. I’m currently using it after ditching some random app. But DestroyTwitter’s still in Beta stage, so for those who don’t feel good about using Beta, you should just forget it.


Another app that runs in Adobe AIR. I haven’t quite tried it yet, it’s my sister that’s using it. Nice interface, and it can connect to Facebook, MySpace, etc. Supports multi-column user interface so you can see everything at a glance. And you can customise the colours too.

Downside: It doesn’t support Chinese characters, or some other random special characters. So people who tweet in Chinese often, or follow people who do so, aka ME, you should just give this app a skip.

Well actually there are much more Twitter apps out there. And some for the Mac too. But I’m can’t be bothered to list them all out. Go check them out if you’re interested. And here’s somewhere to get you started: 19 Twitter Desktop Apps Compared

Bye for now. I’m going to Malaysia for the weekend. So I’ll be MIA-ing. Back on Monday. Hopefully.

Now all I wish is for a nice mentor.


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