I’ve been thinking about downloading Firefox and Opera on my laptop.

But I’m not really sure if I really want it. Cause they might just lag my laptop and increase the startup time. And I’m sure I won’t be using them often. But then again, I need them to test out my blogskins and make sure it works on them. And some blogs, irritatingly only work on Firefox (perhaps IE too). Gahh I can’t be bothered with IE. It’s so lousy it can’t be compared with the rest of the browsers.

Yeah so I’m still thinking. Should I download or should I not? That is the question.

Went Firefox’s page to take a look. Then I decided to try downloading the installation file. But the page wouldn’t load. Bleh.

Maybe I shouldn’t after all. At least not today. Too bad Mozilla. Who told you not to load. I should give up on Opera too. Since not as many people use it anyway. And I got pissed at Firefox after refreshing for the nth time.

I should be contented now. I have my Chrome and Safari already. But those Chrome developers are only thinking of making their next Chrome version (Chrome 5) targeted at Windows 7. Nevermind. I shall wait.

Next time, maybe.


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