OK Man

Short update before I get back to topic.

Went to the ICA building to collect my new passport. Wasted 3 hours queuing for a palm-sized, 94 pages book. D: There were only two pathetic counters for passport collection, can. Turns out that the rest of the 14 counters were serving those who made appointments. Bleh. So we are second priority. Might as well have went there and get the passport made on-the-spot. Instead of applying online.

PS: My new passport photo is older than my old passport photo. How interesting.

PS 2: My sister’s online application got rejected because the submitted photo was the same as the previous one. How even more interesting.

PS 3: The person at the counter wasn’t really convinced I was the person in the photo. FYI, that was some years back already. So she asked me loads of questions, i.e. where I’m schooling, where’s the school, when’s my birthdate. :/ I just look younger, can. Plus with short hair.

PS 4: Okay so my update wasn’t very short actually. Maybe it is. If you don’t count all the “PS”. :D

PS 5: All these “PS” are turning me into Jing number 2. Hmm.

Back to topic

Anyway regarding Jing Wong (黄靖伦), he just released his 2nd album, OK Man, yesterday. :D

This time he’s back with more…cuteness(?!) His costumes are almost all if not all accompanied with a cute bow-tie. Kind of “coincides” with his silly character (陈余一) in Momo Love.

I haven’t really heard the songs from his album yet, other than 我的妈 and some other song from -Momo Love. But 我的妈 is awesome. Not so much of the awesome-awesome, but more of the oh-my-godmother-awesome. And Dancing King-ge (aka Show Luo) came up with a short dance for 我的妈 on 100% Entertainment (娱乐百分百).

And I read somewhere that he crashed into a pole while filming the MV for it too. He stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal on the motorcycle. Ouch. Fortunately it wasn’t too serious. Poor Jing.

Anyway, presenting Jing @ 100% Entertainment:
Part 1:

Part 2:

No, the focus isn’t on Dancing King-ge. But I love his lousy accent anyway. And his epic English. 妈妈是伟big (伟大) 的。 ROFL.

Now compare that with the dance in his original MV:

Note his bow-tie. And the funny dance moves. See Dancing King-ge’s was way better.

妈~ 我不想长大
我的妈~ 世界不像话
我的妈~ 爱情真可怕

妈~ 你真是伟大
我的妈~ 我想要回家
我的妈~ 未来太疯狂


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