Hi, I’m back.

Wahahah. I’m typing on my awesome new notebook! :D

Bought it @ SITEX on Sunday. It’s good enough, considering the fact that my parents had a very low budget (1K) and I had my expectations. 12.1 inch, Windows 7, relatively fast, looks good. Anyway I got an MSI. U200. :D I don’t care if you haven’t heard of it. But you should have. Apparently it is super energy-saving and won’t get hot easily, etc. The main point is, it has a super long battery life. Wahahah. Longer than yours. Much longer.

It’s like somewhere in between a netbook and a notebook. But more of a notebook.

Oh did I mention my mouse is awesome? It’s fun to play with.

Gahh. So much to update yet so little time left.

There’s something wrong with my broadband. Or rather my broadband router. If I connect to the internet, my home phone can’t be used. And vice-versa. :( Which means you can’t call me now. Like you will either.

Just in case you didn’t realise, but you probably would unless you have no eyes, I changed my blogskin. Now I don’t have to worry about people viewing my blog in a small window. Cause it doesn’t look bad anymore. :D

I love my blogskin. I really do. :)

And the smilies in my tagboard too. Go see!

I kind of forgot what I wanted to type. And I can’t be bothered to. So there.


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