Bored of the typical Google? Try these:

Google Scholar
Blackle – Saves energy. It’s black!
Google Easter
Google Junior

Scene Google
Googoth – Goth Google duh!
Metal Google
Emo Google

Coloured Google
Greenle – Green Google
Pinkle – Pink Google
Purpoogle – Purple Google
Orangele – Orange Google

Gizoogle – It supposedly translates any webpage into some shit language. But I can’t get it to work.
Mystery Google – It doesn’t do any search for you. Seriously. It’s a mystery why it’s called Mystery Google.
Toogle – Generates your search result by forming the image of it with whatever you searched. Confusing? Go try it. Type something like “mouse”. You will know what I mean.

These are fun! :D
Google Seawch – No that’s not a spewwing ewwow.
600673 – Google Leet. Go figure out what they’re writing.
elgooG – .derorrim era stluser hcraes eht nevE .emosewa si sihT

Last one. This isn’t really Google, but it’s just for fun.
What Google Knows – Maybe what it doesn’t too.

You can tell I had a lot of fun doing this. :D
References from: WikiAnswers and Wasted Tomorrow @ Tumblr


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