Last Day of School + Peranakan Museum

Yay it’s two posts fused into one! Yeah yesterday’s and today’s. Like duh!

Okay whatever. So yesterday was the last day of school. So yesterday I got back my dreaded CAP. So yesterday I realised something for once that’s awesome about NUS High: CAP is now rounded off to 1 decimal place! HAHAH.

And that means I get 4.8! :D Yeah I know I’m lucky. My CAP was actually 4.75, but those nice people kindly rounded it up to 4.8 for me. Which means I get my PSP! But seriously right now I’m considering a netbook, or a cheaper notebook. ‘Cause my parents claim they would do me more good than a PSP. Maybe I should get a better phone. Hmm. Gahh now I’m spoilt for choice. I should have just stuck to a PSP and ignore all other…suggestions. Yup.

So that’s all for yesterday. Not exactly all, but it’s all that’s more worth my time typing out.

Peranakan Museum

Don’t ask me why. It’s this family day thing NUSH organised and my mother decided to go so I tagged along. Anyway it was much more fun than what I expected. Not the whheeeee kind of fun, but more of the educational and informative kind of fun. Never knew this side of me, huh. I never knew too.

Basically, it’s all about…Peranakan. Duh! That’s why it’s called a Peranakan Museum in the first place. Yup. Peranakan weddings, Peranakan origins, Peranakan lives, Peranakan culture, Peranakan jewellery.

Did you know Dick Lee was a Peranakan? Now I know. And Mr Nair’s (The one in NHPS. How many Nairs do you know?) sister too. (According to my very informative sister.) Which makes Mr Nair a Peranakan too. Hmm. I thought he was indian.

And I realised Peranakan designs are all so…grand and exquisite and detailed. I am impressed.

This trip to the Peranakan Museum has just refueled my interest in museums. Now I want to revisit the toy museum. Hopefully the Biennale. And visit the Singapore Philatelic Museum. And the Singapore Art Museum. I have plenty of time to do that in the holidays.


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