National StrITwise Challenge 2009

I was thinking whether or not I should post pictures up here. Then I decided I was too lazy and tired to save the pictures from Yuting’s email and take out the memory card from my phone and stick it in the card reader then to the laptop. And upload it to Blogger. Yup so since I’m not bothered enough to do so, too bad then. :D

Spent at least 9 hours @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic Convention Centre today. Hmm. I wonder how I survived. Basically most of the time were spent manning our booth. And making sure our robot model didn’t break apart or anything of the sort.

StrITcombat: Got totally owned by Steggy (the big fat ugly adorable dinosaur robot). Didn’t even get past the first round. Don’t mention. Gahh why do they have to randomize three times!

StrITd∑sign: I’m kind of satisfied with our robot model. :) Presentation went well. (Duh, because I didn’t present :D) I think we’re lucky. Judges who were judging some other groups looked much sterner and stricter and less likely to give high marks. HAHAH.

StrITsmart: I don’t know. Byorn said it was easy. I suppose so, since we came in third for that. Up till now I still have no idea what they actually did. Sounds childish, with all the puzzle fixing and stuff.

Anyway, most of the time it was superr boring. Like in the afternoon, when all the judging and everything is done except for StrITsmart. I was so bored and tired I fell asleep. But I woke up soon enough because it was too friggin’ cold and my head kept dropping downwards and sideways. No, not literally dropping. If not I won’t be able to fix it back. Hmm maybe duct tape would do.

But we still got sixth place! Quite unexpected. Yeah so it was this Philips Micro Hi-Fi System (or so it says on the box) which was big and bulky and heavy. Had loads of problems trying to lug it back home. My arms weren’t feeling very great after that.

I’m planning to sell it off. Anyone interested? Tell me. :)

Felt like I left out a lot of details. But I don’t care already. I’m too tired to bother. Not sure why but I’ve been feeling exceptionally tired these few days. Even more tired than during the exams (as a matter of fact I wasn’t really tired then.) Yeah so whatever.

Good night.


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