Friday the 13th

See I knew it.

I’m so psychic. Yet another script checking day today. English and History. :(

English: Essay – 17.5/25, Paper 2 – 36/50. Total B+ only laa. CA has to must pull me up. :/ Essay was marked by Ms Koh. Should have been Ms Lam! Then I might get higher marks. :D But the question wasn’t nice in the first place. How to write about my neighbourhood! The market? The random flats?

History: 30/50. D: I want to cry laa. So low! :( B- leh. Like that how to get my PSP! Waaaahhhhhh! Anyway, assuming I get 85 or more for CA (which is highly impossible), I can still get an A-. But that won’t be enough. Aaaaah. It’s all because of Friday the 13th. (I was going to say something right here but I decided it was too offending. So there.)

Fine I shall stop ranting about such a demoralising subject. Anyway I spent practically the rest of the time in school (which is a good 7 hours ?!) trying to build our very imbahh robot! It’s not exactly very stable or anything, I’m just comforting myself. :|

The robot kind of looked nicer when the different body parts were separated. Serious. After we stuck all the random parts together, they started breaking apart. Friday the 13th again. It does have a great force, doesn’t it? Ohno this is getting more demoralising. Gahh.

Okay whatever. Tomorrow’s the real thing and I just hope everything goes smoothly. And that includes the robot being able to survive till the end.

I’m dead tired now. Robot don’t collapse on me.


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