Script Checking

Not bad. :)

Had script checking today. Physics, Math, Chemistry, Chinese. HAHAH At least it’s within my expectations, although I know I could have done better. :|

Yes 933 is playing Jam Hsiao’s 新不了情! :D It’s not exactly his actually. The original singer was 蔡琴. Hopefully I’m not wrong about that. :/ Offtopic.

Physics: 51/70. B+. Yeah I know many got higher. But if my Physics CA miraculously gets A+, I might just get A-/A overall. Which qualifies me for a PSP. Maybe just the PSP screen or something.

Math: 57/60. I could have gotten 60! If only the question was clearer and I wasn’t so carelessly stupid. Nevermind I still qualify for my PSP. HAHAH.

Chemistry: 62.5/80. A-. Hopefully my CA pulls me up (yes it’s not high enough) and gets me an A overall. :D

Chinese: Essay – 51.5/70, Paper 2 – 79/90. A!! XD Yay I’m so imbahh. But it was easy compared to all the previous Chinese papers. But I still got an A! :) Now I think my Chinese CA is going to pull me down. Considering the fact that I didn’t hand in one of my essays. Plus a lot of overdue homework. Let’s hope Ms Mak feels like being nice and decides not to penalise me for that. crosses fingers

English and History tomorrow. That’s when I’m going to die. Like really shootbangdead. Pass only is not an option.

With a lousy question comes a lousy answer.
With a lousy answer comes a lousy grade.
With a lousy grade comes a lousy CAP.

Aha! So who/what shall take the blame? THE QUESTION. What a convenient way to push all the blame.



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