Note the difference.

Presenting…(drum roll)…My new blogskin!

OHNO. Post-exam life has made me lamer. Now I have no more legs.

Anyway. Do you like my new blogskin? :) I do. Although I know there are some parts that need refining. Like the tagboard and link sections. My expectations are high, can.

More about the skin. You can skip this if you want. I’m just typing it for the sake of typing it. HAHAH. Actually it was originally white. But since I’m such a great fan of Mayday, I decided to make it black. And yellow. Just like Mayday’s DNA tee and DNA poster and DNA concert everything. :D

I don’t care if you skipped everything above. JUST READ THIS.
DO NOT view this page in a small window. It’s ugly. :/

TADA! :)


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