Procrastinate Now, Don’t Leave It Till Tomorrow!

I should stop getting distracted.

Finally. I’m back. After 11 days of procrastination. 5 days, to be exact if you don’t count all my exam dates. Don’t ask. My PSP has vanished into nonexistence. Poof! Gahh.

Okay I shall cram whatever I have to say in this compact-sized post. Not very compact actually. :D

My mom just turned on the radio. I hear this very nice 5566 song which I never managed to catch the title. Ignore. That was totally random. ><

Do you procrastinate? Think that procrastination, although useful at times, is frustrating? Can’t kick the habit?

Here’s the perfect website for you!
How To Kill Procrastination For Good – No Kidding!

OMG I sound like I’m advertising for the site. At least I learnt something from (insert name here) lessons. But seriously go read it. I’m not sure if it works though. Just do it. :D

Quoted from site:
“Procrastination, my friends, is the enemy of our success.”

“We tend to put off what we consider to be important, and we put it off because we think of it as a daunting task. The root of procrastination, hence, I believe lies in the fear of not being able to complete the important task.”

Singapore Hit Awards 2009

I actually wanted to go to Singapore Indoor Stadium to watch it. Even more so when I knew Mayday was attending. But apparently my parents won’t allow. D: Good thing Channel U had this 精专版, but they cut off a lot of stuff. Including one of Mayday’s songs. ): How I wished I was there! Obviously I wouldn’t be satisfied by the ultra-compressed version on TV.

Good news: Mayday got 5 awards! XDDDD (Draw with S.H.E)
1/YES93.3 FM醉心龙虎榜榜上风光奖

优秀新人奖(黄靖伦,张芸京,梁文音,徐佳莹) came as no surprise. It’s what I expected, at least. I think the performances were more interesting. But they still cut off one of Mayday’s songs! They prepared 3 songs (according to their on air interview on Fri evening). And I only saw/heard 2.
If you’re interested: Singapore Hit Awards 2009 Winners


Just in case you can’t view the above video. :D

Aunty Lucy! It’s a must watch! The video quality isn’t very good, and the sound is quite soft actually. But it’s hilarious. Esp when she imitates S.H.E and Mayday. And the Jam Hsiao part. Basically it’s the whole thing. HAHAH.

Okay I shall stop here. So there. XDDDDD


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