Anyone care to spare some mugs? Not enough here.

Okay I know I’m not supposed to be here. But I got bored of mugging. My mugs are not helping, they’re all in the sink. -o-

This is so unfair. While others are going to celebrate their last day of school, we are celebrating … the first day of EOYs. Even primary schools have finished their exams. D:

I know everything below is going to sound really stupid and lame. Be prepared.

And my sister is eating her lunch now. That’s why I get to sneakuse the computer. FYI, she’s a glutton. I serious. It’s a wonder she isn’t fat. 2 mini Pandan buns, 2 packets of biscuits, 3 slices of bread, 1 cup of Milo, 4 small packets of titbits, and she tells me she’s a little full. Faint. 我真是佩服得五体投地。

Realization hit me like an orange thrown by a toddler in a supermarket trolley. I got that from some Adrian Mole diary. See, what a great way to mug. That’s why it’s called Reading Day. For me to read. :D Anyway, that book is super lame. After you read that, you won’t say I’m lame anymore. Not for the physically able. Serious.Oh wait I’m not lame in the first place. I can walk you know. -.-


Now my sister is bugging me for the laptop. Bye.


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