No I’m not a mug. I’m just a mugger.

This shall be my last post before the EOYs. I hope. Yes I know everyone else has finished theirs and are even comparing how screwedimbahh their results are. And mine hasn’t even started.

It’s 7 days to the exams. Gahh. I haven’t started.

RAWR. I NEED TO MUG. M-U-G No, cups are not nice. I prefer mugs. And there’s Physics and Chemistry and History and Math and English and Chinese. Actually the last 3 nothing much to mug for la. But I just put that in anyway.

OHNO I’m so going to fail. Argh. Noo I can’t fail. I need my pass. I NEED MY A. So that I can persuade my parents to get me a PSP. I WANT A PSP.

No wait. Off topic. I’m supposed to MUG. Good thing I have loads at home. -o-

Yup. MUG.


My post feels comparably short today. Or is it because I’ve been doing quizzes for the past few days? Oo.


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