I like soup in cups :)

Who said one can’t drink soup from a cup?
And I did just that. In the afternoon. Yup I know that sounds stupid but I don’t care. Some day you might just see me drinking green tea from a bowl. Don’t ask.

Currently listening to 憨人 by Mayday 五月天. Yes Ashin’s the lead singer. Now you know. 其实是个台语歌啦。有一大半是听不懂的咯。I think the lyrics are well-written. No, that’s not because it’s written by Ashin. Don’t you think it’s very inspiring? Okay maybe you haven’t even heard of it.

Andandand I think the first line of the song is uber cool. It starts with 我的心内。。。 See those underlined words? Try pronouncing them in Hokkien. Sounds like my name :D I know someone is going to comment on this. I just know. You know they should have this song on O2Mania. Can’t seem to find it anywhere.


And since I’m so bored, let’s do a quiz :D
Stolen from Keshiniy D/O Madivannan

1/What brand is your phone?
Nokia. Yup. No-KIA. -.-

2/Who is your contacts with M?
Uh, Miaoyin, Minyan, some random teachers, and my mum.

3/it a camera phone?
Define “camera phone”. Yes it has a camera. But I don’t exactly consider it as a camera phone, since it’s only 1.3 pathetic megapixels and it’s so useless.

4/Is it a music phone?
Define “music phone”. And I don’t think I’d call it a music phone too. It’s just a lousy disgusting phone.

5/What is your ringtone?
放肆 by 五月天. Yeah Mayday FTW :D

6/Who is your last message from?
Rachel (Lee).

7/Do you like your phone?
No of course not. I just like my games. Minus the graphics.

8/Do you have your exes number?
I don’t have exes, but I do have axes. Do you want me to use them on you?

9/Do you have your parents numbers?

10/Whats your phone memory?
Do you mean phone memory or with memory card? My phone has no memory. Less than 10mb I suppose. D:

11/Whats your wallpaper?
Default wallpaper for my theme?

12/Who is your last contact with I?

13/What does your last message say?
“I’m sleeping la xD haha ok” — from rachel who can sleepsms. Hmm…

14/Whats your 210th message in your inbox?
“I bored. What you doing?” — Since he/she/it doesn’t want to be revealed, I shall be nice :D

15/Whats your 111th message in your sentbox?
I only save 10 sent messages.

16/Whats your 90th message in your inbox?
“Ok. Have lots of hmwk don’t know how to do. Remember impact! I want Fish Leong signature. Most prefably peach flavour.” — from the same organism as Qn14.

17/Whats your 17th message in your inbox?
“Lol. On bus now ji dong~” — still yet the same old organism as Qn14 and 16. Now you know how lame XXX is.

18/Whats your 11th message in your sentbox?
It’s a non-existent message.

19/Have you lost your phone?
No. If I had, where did those messages above come from? -.-

20/Have you dropped your phone?
No would have been a great lie. I was hoping it’ll spoil one of these times.

21/Is your phone new?

22/Is stuff about your phone personal?
Uh, no? Who’d wanna see?

Yay what a long post. :D

PS: XXX is the very irritating lovable spammer. Quite obvious, isn’t it?


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