Japanese EOY

There goes my PASS.
Japanese EOY was totally screwed. Gone case la.
I was 10 minutes late. Not like that helped -.-
I gave up doing the paper 30 minutes before it ended. Oh wait. I was already doodling on my paper 15 minutes earlier. I got so bored I decided to sleep in the end.
Come to think of it, I shouldn’t even have spent so much time trying to come up with something closest to the correct answer to scribble in. ‘Cause I’ll get it wrong anyway.
The questions were like !@#$%& hard can. Out of 10 questions on the first page, I could only manage to do one. And I wasn’t even sure if it was correct in the first place. And that was only the Kanji section Don’t ask about the rest of the paper.
I’m just hoping oral will pull me up…

See? Japanese is a waste of time. Spend so much time going for lessons, in the end still fail. I don’t care I’m gonna quit next year. IF ONLY my father would allow.

PS: The sensei was wearing nice shoes :D See I was that bored.


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