The BEAUTY of English (as if)

That’s why I never liked English.
But then again, who really cares whether all Singaporean female athletes keep long hair. And/Or whether Singaporean athletes are car owners AND/OR keep long hair.
Fine maybe I did. But anyway that’s not the point.
>>><<< Here’s the point! :D

This is MATHEMATICS, not an ENGLISH lesson.

It’s a waste of time representing useless sentences with even more useless set notations. Like who would go look at them. -O- Ji-Hyun’s PWNAGE stone face :D Might as well use chinese. No more confucian confusion over a meaningless sentence.

all Singaporean female athletes do not keep long hair.
all Singaporean female athletes that do not keep long hair.

See? Much clearer. Looks nicer too :D

WHATEVER. Like I said, it’s the question’s problem. Aha.
Oh too bad for those who didn’t understand the whole chunk of nonsense I typed up there. -O- another AWESOME stone face

I still like my first post :D


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